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 CIS Payroll in Liverpool

CIS Payroll Liverpool

CIS Payroll in Liverpool

CIS Payroll Liverpool

Outsourced CIS payroll services in Liverpool

At Bishop Oak, we take pride in being a specialist CIS Payroll company, accredited by Professional Passport, and dedicated to providing top-notch CIS payroll services in London.

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Why Choose Bishop Oak for Your CIS Payroll Needs in Liverpool?

Maintaining HMRC compliance for your construction company is essential, and this often involves navigating complex rules and regulations. This is where partnering with a CIS payroll company like Bishop Oak becomes invaluable. Operating under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) payment methodology, we act as an outsourced intermediary, skillfully handling all your payroll-related tasks.

Our team of experts is well-versed in managing deductions, remittance slips, and various administrative responsibilities, including verifying documentation for the right to work, employers’ liability, public liability, public indemnity, and income protection insurance. With a dedicated account manager at your service during and after business hours, you’ll always have the support and guidance you need.







What Are the Key Benefits of Outsourcing CIS Payroll in Liverpool to Bishop Oak?

Choosing Bishop Oak as your CIS payroll partner comes with numerous advantages:

  • Dedicated Support: Our committed team takes care of back-office tasks, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your construction business.
  • User-Friendly Portal: We offer a branded portal for your workers, simplifying document access and reducing paperwork, ensuring clarity and organization.
  • Employee Assistance: Our team is readily available to address employee inquiries, saving you valuable time and enhancing employee satisfaction.
  • Compliance Assurance: Our well-structured payroll model eliminates compliance issues when correctly implemented, providing peace of mind.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: We have full confidence in our service and stand by it with a money-back guarantee, promising to reimburse you for any worker’s margin if you’re not completely satisfied.







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How Is CIS Payroll Calculated and Managed?

Calculating payroll in the construction industry can be a complex process due to the various factors involved. It requires meticulous record-keeping of hours worked, including overtime and deductions. Additionally, calculating payroll taxes can be time-consuming and challenging. To ensure precision and efficiency, many construction companies choose to collaborate with specialised CIS payroll providers.

Say farewell to payroll-related stress in your construction business and entrust all aspects of your CIS payroll to Bishop Oak. With us, you can rest assured that you’ll always be 100% compliant. Contact our team today to embark on a hassle-free payroll journey and experience the benefits of professional payroll management.

What is CIS?

CIS stands for Construction Industry Scheme, which you may have heard of if you work in the construction business. Contractors and subcontractors in the construction business can use CIS to pay their taxes. The plan was made to help stop tax cheating in the building business. If a contractor or subcontractor wants to use CIS, they must sign up with HMRC and pay their workers according to certain rules. Contractors have to check the state of their subcontractors and take out taxes based on what they find. Read our CIS blog or get in touch with our team to learn more about CIS and how it can help your building business.

To get started on your simplified, compliant payroll journey contact our friendly team today.

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How to get a UTR number?2023-11-09T15:54:10+00:00

To get a UTR number you will need to register for HMRC online services. To get your UTR number you will need:

  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • National Insurance number
  • Your email address and contact number
  • The name address and nature of your business
  • Your business telephone number
  • The date your self-employment started

Once you have successfully registered HMRC will post your UTR number to you, if you need to access your UTR number sooner you may be able to do so through the HMRC app.

Can I check CIS payments online?2023-11-09T15:57:36+00:00

Yes, you can view CIS payments through the online portal on the HMRC website.

How can I check my CIS payments?2023-11-09T15:58:18+00:00

To check CIS you can use the CIS service on the HMRC website or you can call the HMRC CIS helpline. If you are a subcontractor you will be able to check CIS payments through remittance/payslips.

How do you become CIS registered?2023-11-09T16:00:46+00:00

You can register for CIS online via the Government Gateway or you can call the HMRC CIS helpline on 0300 200 3210.

How do I view my CIS statements?2023-11-09T16:03:50+00:00

In our online portal. When you are registered with us to be paid you will receive login details to the portal where you can view your CIS statements along with your payslips.

What is a CIS verification number?2023-11-09T16:07:41+00:00

When you register for CIS you will be given a CIS verification number which proves your CIS status, this will be in the form of a letter or digital confirmation and allow contractors to deduct tax at a rate of 20% instead of 30%.

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